Pieter Hulshoff

About life, the universe, and everything

Who am I?

My name is Pieter Hulshoff, born October 7, 1972 in Meppel, the Netherlands. I graduated from the UTwente in the field of computer science in 1997, and currently live in Capelle aan den IJssel, under the smoke of Rotterdam.

My family

My parents, Jan and Gerrie Hulshoff, are both alive and well, and living in Buitenpost.

I have two brothers: Simon (born 1974) and Martijn (born 1980), who are both married with children.

I'm living together with my wonderful girlfriend Kim, and our sons Lucas and Ethan. Kim and I have been dating since September 9, 2010, and I officially moved from Almere to Capelle in September 2012.

My work and hobbies

After graduating, I started working for Lucent Technologies in 1997. When they closed the R&D department in 2003 we started a new company called AimValley where I'm currently still employed as a system engineer for telecomunication systems.

My spare time goes out to my hobbies:

  • Music (I play the church organ)
  • Games (D&D, computer, board)
  • Reading (mostly fantasy)
  • Martial arts
  • Copyright

Site update (2013)

It's been a while (try over 5 years) since my last site update, so I figured it was time for an overhaul. It was also long overdue that I go some experience using HTML5, so I downloaded this template from FreeHTML5Templates, and am getting myself acquainted with the new syntax. It seems to me that I have a long way left to go...


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My family

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My huge organ

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Our pets

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