Pieter Hulshoff

About MAME


During this last decade, I've been very interested in MAME. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, and is exactly that: a program that allows you to play arcade games on your computer.

As a fanatic Linux user I decided to program my own MAME gui for the arcade machine I was building at the time. Using the SDL library, and my limited knowledge of C++ I think I'm starting to cramp out something that works pretty reasonable. I've used the MAME Game Not Over skin as a base, and worked my way from there. Unfortunately, my arcade monitor broke down, so the progress on the project stalled. I picked it up again in 2013 in preparation for a new arcade system I intend to build.

Current features are:

  • Loading MAME gamelist and catver.ini to generate a categorised alphabetically ordered list of games.
  • Walk through the list of games using arcade controls.
  • Display a (scaled if needs be) screenshot, titleshot, marque, cabinet or flyer of the selected game.
  • Play the selected game.
  • Play background music, randomly selected from a directory.
  • Place games in and out of a Favourites category.
  • Configurable control setup.
  • Configurable skin, including resolution.
  • Ordering games based on alphabet, category, year, and MAME version.
  • Screensaver, showing 9 random screenshots, and changing them every x seconds.


You can download the following versions:

MAMEd V0.8, 2013-03-08.

MAMEd V0.7, 2004-10-21.

MAMEd V0.6, 2004-10-11.

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